This might be the best one-question personality test I've ever seen. If I know your answer to this, I basically know everything about you as a person.

A new survey asked people which of these four things is the MOST important to them on a daily basis:  Sex . . . alcohol . . . chocolate . . . or Wi-Fi?

According to the study surveyed 1,700 working professionals across the United States and It involved asking people to rank the importance of Wi-Fi against other "human luxuries and necessities" on a scale of 1-4, with one being most important and 4 bring least important.

So let's see how our Kicks listeners do in this survey. Now granted it's going to be comprehensive, not an individual study, but we'll be able to compare it to the national results. So just choose one and cast your vote.

I'll keep you updated during the next few mornings. Poll will close at midnight on Tuesday November 22nd.


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