She's a television icon, a veteran of movies and the Broadway stage, and is a producer for shows for TV, including the role that made her famous, The Nanny. She is also a Cancer Survivor and is getting ready for her second annual Cancer Schmancer Summit  on October 26th.

She took some time to call into my show and talk to me about the summit, cancer prevention and share some movie stories:

According to, Drescher made her screen debut with a small role in the 1977 blockbuster film Saturday Night Fever, and later appeared in numerous other movies including American Hot Wax, The Hollywood Knights, This is Spinal Tap, and UHF.

Her television career started with guest appearances on several series. Then in 1993 her career would hit the stratosphere when she played the role of Fran Fine in her own sitcom vehicle The Nanny, for which she was nominated for two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.

She is also a Cancer Survivor and an outspoken healthcare advocate. She created the Cancer Schmancer Movement, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all women's cancers be diagnosed while in Stage 1, the most curable stage.

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