I drive through Sandy Hook sometimes on the way to work. When I-84 is backed up from the dreaded Rochambeau Bridge to the Exit 11 area, I jump off at Exit 14 in Southbury, and take the back roads to Church Hill Road. Right on the corner of Church Hill Road and Glen Road in Sandy Hook sits The Village Perk. I have to be honest, I've never been in the place, but it looks like a great little coffee shop. What I love is the sandwich boards that they put up on the street.

Photo by Large "Venti" Dave

I snapped a couple of pics of the ones that they've put out there over the past couple of weeks. They really make me smile as I drove by. Give me a little wit, instead of "YOU GOTTA CHECK THIS OUT!!!", and I'm sold.

Photo by Large "Latte" Dave

I got this last pic above this morning, I thought it was great. Who doesn't want to be reminded of the smooth crooning of Lionel Ritchie at 8AM? You're making a nice little difference in the world Village Perk, thank you