When looking to adopt a new dog or cat for your family, it's always best to talk to the Animal Welfare Society family and find out exactly what the pet is really like.

Every week, we are proud to bring you a new Pet of the Week. Today it's Khal, who is a 2-year-old mutt. Now, first impression of Khal is that he's a real mush dog, he appeared very mellow and somewhat shy during our interview with Melody from the Animal Welfare Society. What we didn't know, and would never have seen just from our time with Khal, is that once he gets comfortable with his surroundings, he loves to play and becomes very outgoing.

This is all good stuff, but if Melody didn't tell us about his wilder side, we would have pegged Khal as a very low-energy dog, and that could lead to trouble when you get him home and his true personality starts to come out.

That's why is very important to not only spend some time with the pet you're thinking of adopting, but also discuss what he or she is really like with the staff at the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford. They are around these dogs and cats all day everyday, so they know what's going on.

With all that in mind, let's meet Khal:

For more information on Khal, and all the other adoptable Dogs and Cats, call the Animal Welfare Society at (860) 354-1350 or visit them on Dodd Road in New Milford.

They’re open Tuesday from 11 AM to 7 PM, and Wednesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM.

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