WARNING - The following hair-raising ghoulish Halloween haunted houses are not meant for the children. 

Just keep saying to yourself, "This isn't real, This isn't real." It most certainly isn't, but it sure feels like it! According to Halloweennewengland.com, these are the scariest, most horrifying Halloween attractions in Connecticut. To be safe, bring along a change of underwear.

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    The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce

    The Haunted Graveyard, which has been featured on the Travel Channel, is inside Lake Compounce Amusement Park in Bristol and rates a 4.5/5 on Yelp.com. Reviews cited the authenticity of the sets and the over 200 actors who make almost life-like. If you happen to be a scardy-cat, reviewers advise you walk in the middle of a group because there are actors jumping out of the shadows. The Haunted Graveyard is open Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays through October 30th. Appropriate for ages 12+ - BE AFRAID!

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    Haunting at the Hollow - New Fairfied

    The Clayton family vanished from their New Fairfield estate in the early 1900's. The story that's been told is the family was consumed by evil because they had discovered some ancient artifacts on their property. What in God's name happened?! If you'd like to find out, board the shuttle bus which will take you to the Clayton Family home where all will be revealed. Purchasing tickets in advance is recommended at 203-312-5633. Recommended for kids 13 and older.

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    Trail of Terror - Wallingford

    A bit of a drive from the Danbury area but worth every terrifying minute according to a customer who visits several haunted houses a year. The walk through is about 1 hour and features spiders, clowns, chainsaws, scarecrows, werewolves, you get the idea. Yelp reviewers commented on the attention to detail. The one negative is the waiting in line, but if you buy your tickets in advance by clicking here, you shouldn't have a problem. The ToT is open from Friday through Sunday until October 30th.

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    Nightmare on Wolcott Street - Waterbury

    The winner of Best Haunted House of 2015, this Nightmare features 55 rooms of terror which includes chainsaws, animatronics, mice, spiders, live characters, and who knows what else. This blood curdling haunted house is open on Friday and Saturday nights until October 29. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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    The Haunted Isle - East Haven

    "Legend has it that somewhere at the end of the woods, in the trolly tracks lurks the things that nightmares are made of" That's right, you take a trolly ride into deep dark woods, and then, who knows what happens next! Some recommendations, wear comfortable walking footwear, absolutely no child under is allowed, do not try out this attraction if you're prone to seizures, have a heart issue, or are pregnant. The Haunted Isle is open on Friday and Saturday nights up until Saturday, October 29. Good luck!!