The White Lady is said to be a ghostly apparition that rises out of the gravestones and hovers around Union Cemetery in Easton, CT.

Much has been written about The White Lady -- especially by paranormal investigator and demonologist, Ed Warren, who died in August of 2006. His book titled, Graveyard: True Hauntings from an Old New England Cemetery mentions the White Lady from Easton's Union Cemetery on page 47.

Ed and Lorraine Warren advertised that they wanted to speak to anyone who had actually witnessed the White Lady. They claimed many came forward, including Tony Vosper, who is now a retired firefighter. Here's a quote from Vosper that was included in Warren's book:

We were down in the cemetery playing when we saw this very bright light. She was very close, no more than 200 yards away. We just stared at her as she floated through the cemetery. She wasn't alone. There were dark forms around who appeared to be arguing with her. She was dressed in an old fashioned veil and full length wedding gown.

OK, let's stop right here. Warren claims that some of the people he questioned for his book had seen the White Lady. That's all well and good, but I can't find one example online that this ghost actually exists -- no photo, no video, no nothing.

The Warrens claim that someone hit her with a firetruck, but when they stopped, got out and checked, no one was there. You know why no one was there? Because I'm telling you, SHE DOESN'T EXIST!

It makes for great ghost stories around the campfire, but I believe they are simply urban legends, unless you can prove me wrong. I'll leave you with the video titled, "17 Most Haunted Cemeteries."