Things you need to know on Januray 21. Ayala Resigns DMV Post; Kyle Navin Pleads Not Guilty; CT Strengthens Tax Fraud Prevention; Math Lovers Take Note.

Thanks to MetroNew Source for the following.

  • Effective this Friday, Andres Ayala is out as Connecticut's Department of Motor Vehicles commissioner. Ayala has been at the helm during turbulent times at the DMV.


  • Kyle Navin says he's not guilty of murder in connection with the deaths of his parents Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin of Easton. Navin yesterday waived his right to a probable cause hearing, and requested a trial by jury.


  • Tax season is underway and Connecticut is strengthening fraud prevention efforts. Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan says things will get tougher for thieves this year, as refund screening has been enhanced and taxpayer assistance is being improved.


  • Here's a major WOW! The largest known prime number has been discovered. The new prime number is over 22-million digits long. Dr. Curtis Cooper found the number using a prime search software. I know it sounds wicked cool, BUT the makers of the prime search software say this new largest known prime is too large to be of practical value.