Let's face it; bacon has a very large fan base. There are websites, books, accessories, even chap stick, all dedicated to bacon.

One website in particular always pops up when I search for 'bacon,' it's called baconfreak.com (in case you wanted to check it out). I know my family likes bacon, as with lots of things it's good in moderation.

As much as you or I like bacon, though, this kid definitely has us all beat. Tyler Beach posted a YouTube video of his son, Easton, trying bacon for the first time. Easton's reaction to his first glorious bite of bacon is the best thing I have seen in quite some time.

From the first bite, to when they stopped recording, Easton was enjoying every bit of that strip of bacon. Both his facial expressions and his excitement are just fantastic. If only we could all enjoy things as much as Easton enjoys this piece of bacon!

Check out the video below.

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