We have two cats and a dog. Admittedly, I am more of a dog person (don't tell Linda G), but we always had dogs growing up. These cats are the first cats that I have ever lived with. So, there are some things to get used to.

They each have their own personality, just like dogs, and they're pretty funny. One minute they'll be wrestling and knocking each other in their head with their paws and the next minute they'll be upstairs on our bed snuggled together (see above picture). It's cute, but very weird.

Hermione will often slip her little paw into Dexter's food bowl and steal it right out from under him. She's very sneaky like that. It's pretty funny to watch. Dexter likes to prepare for an "attack" by crouching down and wiggling his behind. Also very funny to watch.

Seeing the different quirks our cats have made this video even funnier. I would usually leave the cat videos to Linda G., but this one had me laughing pretty hard. Either the cat really wanted the mail, or really didn't want the mailman to be near his house.

I'm pretty sure if we had a mail slot one or both of our cats would do this. I kind of feel bad for the mailman, but he's laughing at least.

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