Have you seen the pictures of the stranded sloth yet? They are so cute! This little guy's struggle to cross the road has gone viral, thanks to those adorable pictures.

According to CNN, the Transit Commission of Ecuador came across the little sloth clinging to a pole in Los Rios, Ecuador. The animal was apparently trying to cross the road, but it was not going well, given the speed of the cars and the speed of a sloth.

So they picked the sloth up and had a veterinarian check out the animal to make sure it was healthy enough to be released back to its habitat. The vet gave the little sloth the all clear and it was returned.

If you haven't seen the pictures yet then you should definitely check out the video below. After seeing the adorable pictures I told my husband that I want a sloth. My birthday is coming up, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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