While a lot of us might be "hunkering" down today, others have embraced the snow. I wrote a post earlier about different toys to have on hand for snow days, but this guy just needs the snow to have fun.

NBC Connecticut posted a video they saw from the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Institute Facebook page and it's pretty cute. It's a video of Tian Tian, a panda from the zoo having a pretty good time in the snow.

The zoo is in Washington, D.C., and they are getting a little more snow than we have gotten here so far (at least where I live). So he is going to have plenty of fluffy snow to play in for the day. I guess it's safe to say that Tian Tian likes snow days.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe in the storm today! Check out the cute video of Tian Tian for a smile.

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