Lucky for you I have once again searched high and low for the hidden gems on this crazy thing called Craigslist. Have no fear, the things you thought you missed or didn’t know you needed are right here. So lets get going.

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    I'm pretty sure they mean the trees and not the house. So don't show up and start taking siding or trim off the house. The owners might be upset with you if they find out, so I would say its the trees.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    Single Chair

    It looks like someone came and picked up the rest of the dining room set and either left or forgot a lonely chair. What's odd is that the poster, I think, is trying to reach the people who took the rest of the set with another Craigslist post. Anyway, somewhere a family of four has someone standing in the corner eating dinner, because they are missing a chair.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    Wood Pieces

    Another cleanup project from someone. They found some wood in what looks like a shed and decided they didn't want to move it so they are asking you to do it. Well, bonfire season is still in full swing so see this guy to keep your wood pile stocked.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    Baby Car

    Already tired of driving your child around? Contact this poster and pick up your kids first ride. Just imagine they are running all the errands you need them to like going to the grocery store, picking up dinner, and giving other people rides. Because that will be happening for real quicker than you know. Also it's just fun.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    If there is a mattress on Craigslist I feel obligated to tell you about it. My favorite thing to see on Craigslist because you can always play 'name that stain' and when you 'guess right' everyone loses.

    Credit: Craigslist