Even though she appears in just a few frames of it, Thomas Rhett's wife Lauren is truly the main theme of his new video, "Star of the Show."

The unique video opens with the couple sitting on the sofa, where Lauren is tossing a football up and down before playfully tossing it over to her husband and exiting the scene. As the camera pulls back, it reveals the living room is a set in a large, warehouse-type studio, and the clip then focuses on Rhett in a bit of a parody of his life as a celebrity.

Director TK McKamy uses cut stills of Rhett superimposed onto the main image to give the impression that Rhett is walking into his own freeze-framed cutouts at various points in the video, showing him first playing guitar, then drums, then walking the red carpet as photographers snap pictures. But even though the clip references his own life as a star, the lyrics make it clear that Lauren is the central figure of the song.

“Everywhere we go, girl you’re the star of the show / Everybody’s wondering and wanting to know / What’s your name, who’s that girl with the prettiest smile in the world / But what gets me the most is you don’t even know / That you are, you are, you are the star of the show," he sings in the chorus.

By the end of the video, Lauren rejoins her husband, and they are both covered in suds after someone throws a bucket all over them while they laugh and celebrate being together. Rhett wrote "Star of the Show" shortly after the couple married, and like his mega-hit, "Die a Happy Man," it draws from his personal life to paint a sweetly appealing picture that draws viewers in.

Watch the clip above.

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