By now you have figured out that I am an animal lover with an emphasis on meow. I could apologize, But there have been so many comments and messages that I have received about Thor, the bobcat that was hit by a car last week and rescued by Big Cat Rescue, that I know that you share my concern. On the advice of Joe, our Digital Managing Editor, I have refrained from showing some of the pictures of Thor's jaw and other injuries that Big Cat Rescue had sent me because I know it is the Vet Tech in me that is completely fascinated but that most people may not appreciate them because they are quite graphic. To me, they show the amazing skills involved in repairing such an injury, the dedication of some incredible people and the determination of a wild animal.

Thor is eating! I am not ashamed to say that when Carole Baskin sent this video update to me this afternoon, I watched and cried. I was in the KICKS studio and had to get my act together because I had a Friday night traffic report to get on the air. This Bobcat was hit by a car straight on on the face. His upper and lower jaw is broken. He has severe eye and shoulder injuries. But, look at him, he is eating!

Big Cat Rescue has left most of Thor's care to one woman, Jamie Veronica. The reason is because they don't want him to become comfortable with humans. Why? Because the goal is to get Thor back into the wild. That's where he belongs. This is the ultimate form of respect. There will be no cuddles or purrs.  There will be no kisses or affection. No "thank you" from Thor. Big Cat Rescue wants to get Thor well enough that he can resume his life, the life he was born to live. The only life he knows. If that doesn't happen, he will live his life at their sanctuary as close to his regular life as possible.

Tonight, I told my husband that one day, I need to visit this amazing place. He said, "they will never let us go near Thor," and I said, "I know, and that is what I respect most about them."

I believe that the most important aspect of any relationship is respect. Husband/wife, child/parent, employer/employee, pet/ me, you can love someone to death, but if you don't respect them, you have nothing.  Big Cat Rescue is nothing if they are not about respect.  As much as I absolutely love tigers and lions and all the big cats, they were not put on this earth to be my pet or to be behind bars for me to gawk at. They belong in the wild. That's how God made them and that's what Big Cat Rescue is all about.

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