According to FOX 61, the Bridgeport Bluefish have extended an offer to Tim Tebow to play baseball for them.

They have said he is guaranteed to be an everyday player. This comes off his workout in L.A., in which he showcased his baseball skills for 50 Major League Baseball scouts. A performance which left a lot to be desired. A performance that had reviews that ranged from "A waste of time" to "Better than expected."

I want this to work out for Tim, I really do. No one is rooting harder for him than I am. First off, I am a Florida Gators fan. Second, I respect these rare examples of clean-cut, good guy athletes who work hard and demand little. Third, I like seeing people accomplish what others say they can not.

I just don't see it happening though, based on this workout. He obviously is a gifted athlete, but that does not translate to baseball skill or I.Q. Certain times during the workout, he looked like he belonged. Other times, he looked like a little league ball player. Tim, take the offer from the Bluefish. I will be at every game.

Here's some prospect pipeline footage of Tebow: