I love this guy. I can't for the life of me, figure out how a hard working, religious, proven leader got railroaded out of the NFL. Well, I should have seen it coming. The NFL is, as we know, a league that protects domestic abusers, cheaters and people who disrespect the Star Spangled Banner. 

I don't get why he was black balled, but he was, and now, the All-American Boy wants to play baseball. After a much publicized announcement and workout, he has signed with the NY Mets. He was rumored to be in talks with the Atlanta Braves, but according to the NY Postthe Mets swooped in at the last minute and snatched him up. He will reportedly start in Port St. Lucie with the Met organization.

How can this be a bad thing? He is a hard working guy that will draw positive attention to the team and do everything in his power to climb the ranks and make it to the bigs. Good for NY, good for the Mets and great for the fans. I never bet against proven winners and Tim Tebow is a winner.

We also know he can rock the Orange and Blue like no one's business.