I'm here, with arms wide open! No fooling. I'm a big fan of hugging so #NationalHugDay is kind of my thing! Did you know though that there's benefits from "bringing it in?"

Today is National Hug Day. The day has become so internationally known that it even has a website dedicated to it - NationalHuggingDay.com  AND the website has the "Most Huggable Person of 2016" revealed on it. 

I know invading people's "personal space" freaks folks out, but come on, doesn't a good "squeeze" make you feel better?

Researchers say there's a boatload of benefits to giving and getting hugs. Things like; improved relationships, healthier blood pressure and heart rates, lowered stress, and greater feelings of trust and contentment. The website Care2.com even offers up 7 reasons to celebrate National Hugging Day.

Me, I like to hug hard and long. Guess what - experts say don't be in a hurry. Research indicates the average hug lasts only three seconds. But the benefits of hugging come on at the 20-second mark so BE PREPARED for me to HANG ON! I "embrace" #NationalHugDay 24 / 7