It hasn't been out for a day, but I have already started watching the Fuller House episodes. Anyone else with me on that one? There is definitely going to be some binge watching this weekend.

What I really like about the first episode is that they re-enacted some scenes from the original series, and put the original and new next to each other in a split screen. It added even more to the story by doing this in my opinion. You are reminded of where the characters started, and I love the nostalgia factor that goes along with this show.

The actors seem to have fallen back into their characters with no problems. It's not quite as smooth as it was in the original series, but I've only seen the first episode so far.

One of the actors is definitely doing her original character justice. I am so glad that Andrea Barber came out of show biz retirement to bring us Kimmy Gibbler again. The show wouldn't be anything without a Gibbler.

All 13 episodes are available on Netflix as of today. I'm not even going to try to kid myself into thinking I won't be binge watching this weekend, so, I'll let you know how the series is Monday morning.

With the release of Fuller House, and the success of Girl Meets World, I'm thinking they need to bring TGIF back. What's Steve Urkel up to these days?

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