With our latest CT On Tap event happening this weekend at the Ives Concert Park, here's 5 good reasons why you should be there so you can sample over 100 craft beer choices from some of America's best breweries.

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet for our 4th annual CT On Tap Festival coming to the Ives Concert Park in Danbury this Saturday afternoon, what are you waiting for.

It's your chance to sample some of the best and latest craft beer offerings at one location. According to topofthehopsbeerfest.com, there's a reason why you should be drinking craft beer, heck here are 5 good reasons:

  • 1

    Craft Beer Simply Tastes Better

    Craft beer brewers spend much more time focusing on the taste of their beer rather than spending millions of dollars on ad and promotional campaigns. Small craft breweries are passionate about their product trying out new ingredients to attain the unique flavor that set them apart from the huge commercial beer companies.

  • 2

    Fewer Trips To The Bathroom

    When you drink craft beer, you'll actually drink less beer so you won't have to pee every ten minutes. There's no need to drink one beer after another, therefore no running to the men's or ladies room all the time.

  • 3

    Health Benefits

    Craft beer contains more nutrients than red wine! Also Craft beer contains some soluble fiber, some B vitamins, and a range of antioxidants.

  • 4

    More Choices

    According to npr.org, there are approximately 5,234 craft breweries across the United States each picking out special spices and ingredients to make each beer unique unto itself, not to mention the passion that goes along with the crafting of the beer.

  • 5

    Fewer Calories

    Craft Beer's do have more calories then "Beer Water", but you will consume less calories per beer drinking session. See beer is meant to be enjoyed, not chugged. Most people who are drinking regular beer usually have between 4-6 beers in an evening. Craft Beer taste better, and is stronger, so you will drink a little less, actually lowering your calorie intake overall.