Is your mom wound a little tight? Does she need some stress relief? My advice is to drive your mom to the Chaung Yan Monastery on Mother's Day.

If anyone knows about peace, love, and understanding, it's the monks at New York State's largest Buddhist Temple, Chaung Yan Monastery in Kent, NY. According to an article in the Southeast-Brewster Patch, the monks will have a Buddha Bathing Ceremony and your mom's been invited. What exactly is a Buddha Bathing Ceremony? It's the celebration of the birth of Sakyamuni, which is another word for Buddha, who was instrumental in spreading the word of Dharma, which, in Buddhism, means cosmic law and order, and the teachings of Buddha.

The teachings of Buddha are infinitely more complicated than my explanation here, but I guarantee that attending the Buddha Bathing Ceremony will calm your mother down. Participants will be bathing the statue, which signifies washing away all the impurities of mind and body, while praying for mothers all over the world. Your mom won't have to worry about getting naked for this ritual.

If your mom needs to be cleansed in both body and mind, where she can concentrate on herself instead of cleaning up after your sorry ass, this is the perfect Mother's Day gift. Festivities begin at 9:50 AM on Sunday, May 8, and go until 3 PM at the Chuang Yen Monastery at 2020, Rt. 301 in Carmel, NY. For more info, go to