You can debate it for hours -- are we or are we not alone?

Well, it may turn out to be that we aren't alone, because according to the latest stats from the National UFO Reporting Center, December was a very active month for UFO sightings in Connecticut. reports that there were ten sightings that were reported during December 2016, and over 75 sightings reported during the year. The latest sighting was just a few weeks ago on December 28th in Jewett City, Connecticut, not far from Mohegan Sun Casino.

This is the actual account of the sighting filed with the National UFO Reporting Center:

This object was flashing in the sky. It wasn't an airplane because it was motionless. Every time it flashed it got brighter and brighter. We watched it flash for 50 minutes until it disappeared into thin air.

Nine other Connecticut towns also reported seeing UFOs during December, including a Waterbury sighting where the person elected to stay anonymous:

Under the clear sky this morning as I was driving down I-84 spotted 2 UFO craft's one of them flying lower than the other both were triangle shape and black.

Christmas Eve seemed to be an extra active evening throughout the state, with UFO sightings reported in Manchester, Milford and Waterbury -- Maybe it was just Ol' Saint Nick.

Here's the account from the Manchester sighting:

Orange oval light over SE Manchester. Hovered below cloud cover moving L/R up/down then up into clouds.

Over all, there were 1,314 sightings in the state during 2016, and it looks like 2017 will be a busy year as well. There have already been a number of sighting reported this year, including this January 23 West Haven account:

I never believed in aliens or UFO's etc etc until last month and last night I saw 4 UFO's together and hovering making a semi circle.

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