This is a fun one to see how many pictures we can get on our Kicks Facebook page. All you have to do is take the last picture you took on your cell phone and share it with me.


I'm sure you've seen this done before, maybe you even participated in a friends request to do this. But I bet you didn't know why pictures get so much attention on social media.

According to, photo's get 120% more engagement on Facebook. Photo posts also receive 53 percent more likes than the average post.

Why does this happen, and what makes photo's so attractive to others.....

Recent studies revealed that Facebook is just an evolution of what we have always done in social groups: we communicate and seek our peers' advice, approval, and admiration.  We share our experiences together.

A New York Filmmaker asked people to share with him the last photo's from peoples cellphones, here's the end result:

So post the last picture you took to our Facebook page, and share it with your friends, you'll be amazed at the number of fun and interesting pictures we get.


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