I don't carry cash. I don't carry any change either. All I want to do is park in downtown Danbury and not get a ticket!

For people like myself who never carry any real money, the Danbury Patch tells us that the City of Danbury has put into place a brilliant innovation that will allow drivers to pay for parking with their cell phones! 400 on-street parking spaces will allow you to utilize this new technology. All you have to do is download Parkmobile's app either on your iphone or Android phone to avoid that pesky parking ticket.

To begin using the new app, go to parkmobile.com. Once you're all hooked up, you can begin using your phone or call a toll free number to pay for parking. Hey, does anyone remember Meter Maids? I've got a brilliant idea about how we can bring the Meter Maid concept back to Danbury over the summer. I believe we're on to something here.