The party music is here every Saturday night! Wanna help?

Did you catch last weeks debut of KICKS Pack Saturday Night, our brand new, country music, kick the dust up, party show? I was honestly so excited, I had my party lights going and the music turned way up. It was a party of two, but, hey, it was a KICKS butt party nevertheless!

KICKS Pack Saturday Night is just another way that we've got your music covered. There are so many great country songs. We would love to know what country songs would have your boots, or your flip flops, tapping. What are some of your favorites?

Send your country party music suggestions to

So, come on y'all! Grab your friends, a couple of pizzas and have your own party. Give us some tunes and get ready for KICKS Pack Saturday Night this Saturday at 9:00. Three hours of nothing but great country party songs.

We ain't playin' nothin' slow!

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