Back in early June of this year, 4,450 carp were let loose in Candlewood Lake to chow down on the overabundance of milfoil.

From an article in the NewsTimes dated June 2, it was reported that 4,450 milfoil munching carp were added to Candlewood Lake and 585 were added to Squantz Pond to help reduce the milfoil. Last year some residents with homes on Squantz Pond weren't even able to swim or boat off their docks because of the heavy concentration of the nasty water weeds.

Cruising on the Pontoon from Sherman to New Fairfield by Moonlight - Ethan Photo

Last summer, I remember Mindy and I cruised over to a peaceful cove in New Fairfield's Sail Harbor community and when we steered the pontoon into the cove it was 75% inundated with milfoil, so much so once we maneuvered back into open water, we had to clean off the engine prop. This summer we returned to that same cove and there wasn't a weed to be found due to the sterile grass carp.

Larry Marsicano, outgoing director of the Candlewood Lake Authority told the NewsTimes that many shoreline residents have noticed a marked improvement from last year. To find out everything going on with the grass carp program, click this link.