A common scene in a Waterbury classroom. 

According to a story posted by the website RoadSnacks, my hometown came in third in a list of Connecticut's dumbest cities. Any city or town with a population of over 5,000 people were analyzed based on high school graduation and drop out rates. The Park City of Bridgeport tops the list at #1. There are more people in Bridgeport that didn't complete high school than in any other Connecticut city. Almost 26% of adults in Bridgeport don't even have a high school diploma.

#2 on the list is Danielson, CT. I'll confess, I have never heard of the joint. I have to look up Danielson on Google Maps right now to even tell you where it is. Hang on... OK, it's on Rt. 6 in Eastern, CT near the Rhode Island border. Anyway, Danielson has a ton of drop outs. Stay away if you don't want your brain to mush.

#3 on the list? WATERBURY! Yeah! I went to Holy Cross High School, and I think there were only one or two kids that disappeared during my years as a Crusader. Kennedy? Wilby? Crosby? Yikes. There you go.

Coming in at #4 on RoadSnacks list of CT stupidity is our capital city, Hartford. Rounding out the top 5, and coming in at #5, is Jewett City. Again, I have to check Google Maps, hang on... Ok, Jewett City is another Eastern CT town near the Rhode Island border.

There are a couple more names you might recognize from #6 to #10, most notably: "Hard-Hittin" New Britain came in at #6, #7 was Torrington, and at #10? Good old Danbury.

Check out the complete article on the RoadSnacks website by clicking HERE

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