Police are looking for the punks who wrote graffiti all over the former Holy Land U.S.A. cross in Waterbury.

According to Fox61 News, the vandals defaced the large 52-foot cross that was erected in December of 2013. During the '60's, forty thousand people annually visited the Holy Land Theme Park in Waterbury. The park was closed down in 1984 when plans for restoration began. What's most disturbing is the type of graffiti that was spray painted on the cross. Police told Fox61 News that the drawings were of multiple pentagrams along with other satanic symbols. Here is a short video tour slideshow of Holy Land U.S.A.:

Regardless of what you believe, Waterbury officials say that Holy Land U.S.A is a symbol of Waterbury. Police are investigating, but say that new leads are few and far between. After the park's closing in '84 it began to spiral into a state of advanced disrepair until Waterbury Mayor Neil O'Leary purchased the property in June of 2013 and erected the new 52-foot cross in December of 2013. At night the cross is illuminated with thousands of LED lights. Police are still looking for the vandals but no arrests have been made.