So I came across this new survey, (and as you know I am the king of new survey's), that explains a lot when it comes to what women want when it comes to a man.


According to the folks at, women are the most attracted to guys with full beards because they think they're the best bet for a long-term relationship. It has something to do with it being a biological sign of being tough, masculine, aggressive, and having high social status . . . and all of those things are worth a lot of points in a long-term relationship.

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The study showed over 8000 women pictures of men with different levels of facial hair, the more facial hair, the better results for a long term relationship.

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But what about women who weren't looking for anything long term, well the beard wins again, sort of. These women choose men with light stubble over men with no facial hair.

So lesson to be learned here guys. Do yourself a favor and skip that morning shave for awhile. You'll become much more desirable to the women you run into each day.


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