I know we are getting down to the wire, but if you are a procrastinator like me then you have either just sent your Christmas cards or they are still waiting to be mailed. Ours were finally mailed this past weekend, so I think everyone will get them before Christmas.

Sometimes, though, people put off writing the cards because it can be intimidating. It's pretty easy to make excuses of why not to fill out the cards when you are looking at the big stack of envelopes and long list of names. Plus, if you are not sure how some of the addresses should be filled out (if there are unmarried couples on the list or people who have two different last names) that can make you want to put it off too.

I found a couple of sites that have some good etiquette tips. Mannersmentor.com has tips for sending Christmas cards and Cardstore.com has some tips for addressing the envelopes. When I have questions I still call my mom to ask her, but it's good to have these websites on hand for quick reference.

The websites address things like when it's okay to take someone off of your mailing list, when to send e-cards, how to address envelopes if the couple has two different last names, etc.

These pages are definitely getting bookmarked!

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