For three senior players on the Western Connecticut Field Hockey team, today will be the last day they get ready to take the field at the Western Athletic Complex. After four years of hard work and dedication, and over 70 games, they will say goodbye to the game they love.

Brianna Reda, Bryanna Willaby, and Kristy Trotta will play their final game as Western Colonials, and end their collegiate careers with a game today against Roger Williams University.

It's a bittersweet ending to a season where the Colonials fell short of the LEC playoff's, but still managed some magic moments.

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For me, it's the last time I'll get to watch my daughter on the field and in goal, making incredible saves and making me so proud to be her Dad. That's what happens when you're a collegiate athlete and a goalie. Your career is short, but filled with exhilarating wins and heart breaking loses.

The same happens when you're a Dad watching from the stands. You're there every step of the way, feeling every emotion along with her, and ready to congratulate her on a win and a great performance or console her, and find the right words to make the hurt of the loss feel a little better.

So, yes, I will miss the fall days and nights at the W.A.C. and watching the live video feeds from those away games. But I'm thankful for all the great memories that she has shared with me that I will treasure forever.

Congratulations, girls, and live your dreams, because believe it or not -- they do come true.

-Mr. Morning, or for today -- just Kristy's Dad.

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