When you look out into the ocean it is so hard to imagine all of the life that it contains. We all become enthralled when we hear of a shark sighting at Jones Beach on Long Island but from tiny microscopic organisms to large whales, they're all out there. That's where they live.

On Monday, a 45-foot humpback whale washed up onto the rocks on Foss Beach at Rye State Park in New Hampshire. Humpbacks are on the endangered species list so they are closely monitored. This particular whale was known as Snow Plow is an 18-year-old female named for the white markings on her tail. Since humpback whales are known to live 60+ years, it makes this story even more concerning. What happened?

Snow Plow has drawn thousands to come and take a look at her which is causing an absolute nightmare to the residents who live near the beach where she lies. It is quite unsettling to see such a magnificent and large creature lying motionless on that beach. WMUR.com, an ABC news affiliate reports that a necropsy will be performed today by 20 members of the New England Aquarium to determine how Snow Plow died. Here's the incredible video of the scene in New Hampshire.

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