Humpback whales have returned to Long Island Sound looking for good eats!

According to The Hour in Norwalk, whale sightings have been reported in Long Island Sound from Norwalk to New Rochelle, and from Stamford to Greenwich. Whales will make their way into the Sound to feed on Bunker fish, which are rich in fats and oils.

Patrick Killion from Rowayton was fishing off the coast when he and his friends discovered that a Humpback whale was swimming right next to their boat. He told The Hour, it was simply amazing. The massive creature hung around near their fishing boat on and off for about 45 minutes. Killion said he had never seen anything like it in his entire life.

To give you an idea how mammoth these incredible creatures are, check out this video of a humpback in the Caribbean diving on top of a kayak:

Last year, three whales made their way into Long Island Sound, and one collided with a sail boat as it went through a bubble net during a regatta. Joe Schnierlein from the Maritime Aquarium told The Hour that they are asking boaters on the Sound to stay 100 yards away from the mammals.

How can you tell if a whale is in your vicinity? Keep your eye out for circles of bubbles and schools of menhaden fish. Federal law states that boaters should stay 500 feet from marine animals and to not act in a way that changes their behavior.