International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women.

It's also a day to mark gender parity, and this year, the International Women's Strike was organized to raise awareness to the ways women contribute to the economy, all while receiving lower wages, enduring unsafe work conditions, and facing gender discrimination.

This year, women all over the area were encouraged to take the day off from work in a show of solidarity.

According to the Bureau of of Labor Statistics, there are over 1.3 million women over the age of 18 in Connecticut which is 52% of the states population, and the median earnings for a full time female employee is approximately $44,071 compared to $59,228 for men.

In New York State, the median earning for a women is $42,432 compared to men who make an average of $48,828.

Here are some ways you can show your support today for women all over Connecticut and New York:

  • Take part in an International Women's Day event in your community
  • Wear red in a show of support
  • Freshen up your timeline and follow female leaders
  • Call your legislator and share where you stand on women's issues like wages, family leave, and reproductive justice
  • Celebrate the women in your life, and thanks them for all the work they do

Here are some more stats and interesting information about International Women's Day, and the Day Without Women movement: