Times change, we all know that, and businesses come and go. However there are certain ones that we kinda got attached to. So, during Kicks in the Morning we asked you what businesses you miss the most.

Remember Caldor and Bradlees? How about searching for that perfect video for your Saturday night at Blockbuster? What about the time you got that great deal at Woolworth, or that prom dress at G Fox? Maybe you spent a ton of time and money in the Danbury Fair Mall Game Room, or had that meal that was so bad, it was good at Ponderosa.

These are some of the places that were part of our youth or part of our daily life, until one day, when they were gone.

Recently, on Kicks in the Morning, Liz and I were talking about some of those places of our past, and, of course, we opened up the phone lines for some of the businesses you miss most.

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