Kicks 105.5 welcomes Suzy Garcia to the Kicks Morning Show every weekday morning. Now it's time to figure out what kind of pose you'd like to see us do for our official station photo.

"Time to Strike a Pose"....We're asking you, our listeners, what kind of pose you would like to see us do for our station photo.

This should be kinda easy because we've already given you some pose suggestions, so just watch the video, then cast your vote below.

Now just vote for the pose you'd like to see us do. Remember this is going to be the picture you'll see everywhere, so there's a lot of pressure to pick the right look for us.

Here's some places you'll wind up seeing this picture:

  • Kicks Web Site
  • Kicks Facebook Page
  • Kicks Instagram
  • Kicks Twitter
  • Milk Cartons
  • Post Office
  • Police Blotter


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