The Inauguration is over, Facebook slams are calming down (a bit) and now the real question that everyone wants to know is: What was in that blue box that Melania Trump gave Michele Obama on the steps of the White House on Friday morning?

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Is it just me? I want to know. Let's face it, do you think that was an accident that the First Lady gave the First Lady a gift wrapped in blue paper that matched her dress? Do you think that it was unintentional that the box was wrapped in gift paper that appeared to be from Tiffany's?  Do you think that it is just a coincidence that Donald Trump has a daughter named Tiffany?

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And one more kinda-pretty-obvi-parallelism is that Tiffany's is located right next door to Trump Tower on New York City's Fifth Avenue.

I think that the answers to these questions are a collective "I think not."

So, then, what was in there?

There has been a lot of speculation on the internet. Lots of guesses from a picture frame or sliver platter from the ritzy, iconic store to messages from Melania to Michele saying "Take me with you."

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So far, no one is telling. The Obamas are on vacation in Palm Springs and the Trumps are at work in The White House and we're left here wondering and waiting.