His name is Mike Boguslawski, and he's a consumer advocate TV personality who always promised, "I'm in your corner!"

So now do you remember this guy? Mike Boguslawski -- known as Bogey to all his fans --is the guy with that gritty outgoing personality who was out to help the little guy. "Bogey's Corner" was a segment that ran from 1999 through 2001 at KCBS in Los Angeles. Here's a quote from jewishjournal.com about his goal in life.

I never turn my back on people - black, white, jewish, hispanic, and polish. I went and fought like no tomorrow!

According to an article in the Hartford Courant from October of '96, Boguslawski worked for 19 years in Connecticut at WTNH and WVIT-TV and has also worked in Orlando and Pittsburgh. After working a year in Florida, the station was sold and Bogey was out of a job, and then he and his wife were in a bad traffic accident. If that wasn't enough, the guy who sold him his auto insurance, never insured him at all, kept the money, and then declared bankruptcy. He and his wife were left with nothing.

Recently, according to The Bristol Press, Bogey returned to his hometown from Florida for some major rehab at The Pines in Bristol. Mike has been working on learning to walk all over again. When asked what he wants to do next, he told the reporter, "To get back in your corner!"