Here it comes! Snow!

I like to look at things that no one looks at and try to figure them out. Let’s look at this one together.

Why is it that people freak out when the snow is on the way? Why do we clear the supermarket shelves of milk and bread making those aisles look like an old western ghost town? I think I saw tumbleweeds rolling through the bread aisle the last time there snow was in the forecast.

Years ago, and I mean YEARS ago, people were locked up in their homes for days when the big snows came. Back then, it made sense to stock up for a storm. Not to mention, going to the grocery store could be a trip. That’s just not the case for most of us anymore. There’s a grocery store pretty close to most of us now.

Turn on the TV and all you see are weather guys with their sleeves rolled up (that always makes me laugh!) promising snow of biblical proportions.

Come on, New England, this isn’t our first rodeo! Let’s take this bull and ride it!

We’re Northeasterners! We’ve seen snow! We’ve driven in snow, even without snowtires (gasp).  The plows are going to come by, clear it up, and we’ll leave our homes once again.

I look at it this way, have fun with it! Of course you want to be prepared but I’m going to bet that you’ll be out of your house by Monday. Get some movies, have your devices charged up, buy some wine and find your big fluffy blankie.

When life gives you snow, make snowballs!