Pizza lovers rejoice cause it’s your day. Today (February 9th) is National Pizza Day and we want to know where your go to place is for the best pizza in the area.

It’s an argument as old as time. Since the first pizza pie was served in Little Italy back in 1905, people have been trying to stake claim to the title, “Best Pizza Place.” As you know, when push comes to shove, there can only be one. So, now, we let you decide once and for all, who do you think has the best pizza.

Below is a list of some of the best places in Greater Danbury and Putnam and Dutchess Counties, based on overall customer ratings. Cast your vote for your favorite, and share this with your friend's so they can vote. We are looking for a real people’s champion, and a place that can finally call itself the “Best Pizza Place in the Area.”

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Vote early, and vote often. Polls are open until Feb. 11th at midnight.

If your favorite place is not listed, write-ins will be allowed.

Listen to Mr. Morning & Suzy Monday morning for complete result's.