According to the News Times, a Canadian company bought your lake.

So, a Canadian company bought your lake from First Light Power Resources. They apparently have rules being that they are Canadian. They are as follows:

  • Be less than awesome, and remember that you are Canadian, and you stink.
  • Only go out on Candlewood in the winter when it sucks.
  • Listen to Rush when you are on the lake (which actually is the only good rule).
  • Eat Back Bacon.
  • You must, from a foreign affairs standpoint, be either vague or weak.
  • Your National Anthem MUST suck.

Does this Canadian company, or any company before, own Candlewood Lake? No. You own it, I do, this belongs to you and I. Always has, and always will. Do you think for a second that we would not defend this baby like a fat kid would defend their last bite of cake? Of course we would, and should! Candlewood Lake is actually the A -number-1 reason I love living here. I am not a rich person with a house on the lake, I do not own a boat, but I spend half my summer on this lake, and have for years. You can take this lake from our cold dying hands. Good luck with that, Canada! Take your power dollars, and have fun, but sliding across the lake on your face on an inner tube belongs to me and my friends.

Ethan & Lou Defend Candlewood Lake From Canadians:


The only good thing to ever come out of Canada is Norm Macdonald.