According CBS, 4-year-old Liam Brenes took a trip to the beach with his family in Rancho Santa Margarita Sunday. Liam put on an old leg for his swim in the ocean, they went into the surf, and when they returned, his prosthetic leg, shoes and clothes were all missing. Liam's father Frank looked everywhere, including a nearby dumpster, but the boy's leg had been stolen.

I mean, who steals a prosthetic leg? Really? What would you even do with it? You have big plans of doing the three-legged race at the father son picnic by yourself? Maybe that's it. Some guy who had a falling out with his dad, but is a big fan of the three-legged race saw his opportunity, and took it.

Liam's mom, Amanda, has been all over social media telling the story in hopes of recovering the leg. That's not something you would think you would ever have to do.

A kid like this has enough to deal with from a mental standpoint. Does he really need to learn that the world is a toilet, right now? A toilet where you can have your leg stolen at the beach? When they find the person that stole this kid's, leg they need to serve street justice and beat him with it. Beat him about the head, neck, and chest with that leg. He's got it coming.