If you've been following this developing story about Cam Newton and his post Super Bowl press conference, here's some info you may want to know.

Everybody's all over Cam Newton right now for what they are calling childish behavior. The way he answered those questions, and his attitude at the post Super Bowl press conference. But, do we know the whole story? Well, maybe now we do.

According to foxsports.com, the real reason why Cam bailed was because he heard Denver's Chris Harris explain close by that their game plan was to make Carolina prove that they could throw the football, which was a problem for the Panthers on Super Bowl Sunday, and first and foremost, a problem for Cam.

Harris said, "Load the box, force y'all to throw the ball. Can you throw the football? That was the game plan."

Now watch this video of Cam's press conference, and pay close attention towards the end as he hears exactly what Harris was saying.

Now, does all this get Cam Newton off the hook for his actions and attitude? My answer is no. He did act very immature no matter what he heard. Should he have been upset after losing the biggest game of his life? Yes, of course. However, if one is going to bask in the glory of victory, then one must be humble in the throes of defeat. Yesterday, that didn't happen for Cam Newton.

Hopefully, for his sake, he learned a valuable lesson from his actions because he will be back on football's biggest stage again real soon, all the greats have. Next time, win or lose, all we can hope is that we see a different Cam Newton. One who wins with pride and loses with dignity.


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