There's nothing worse then just sitting at an intersection waiting for the longest light ever to change, especially when there's no traffic.

It's like every town has one or two traffic lights that just don't seem to be programmed right. Heck, we can send a text to the other side of the world in like seconds, yet at certain intersections, we wait and wait for that light to change. Case-in-point, the light at the intersection of Nabby and Federal Road in Danbury. It's the one right at the entrance to Stew Leonard's. Now, I know Stew's is one of the busiest stores in the area, but at certain times of the day, the light never seems to change.

I travel that way on the way to work each morning. I head down Nabby Road, towards Federal Road, and prior to 6 AM, the light must be on some kind of glacial timer. I've been stuck there for up to 5-8 minutes -- no joke! Just sitting there with little or no traffic traveling east or westbound on Federal Road. Hey, what's the hold up?!

Now, I shouldn't admit this, but because the light is so long and unforgiving -- and it's at an hour when there's no one on the road -- 9 times out of 10, I just wind up treating it like a stop sign. Take that, long and obnoxious traffic light! Now, I don't recommend that for any drivers, and it's really not a good practice, but what the heck am I waiting for?

I'm sure you have a light or two in your area that seem to be the longest light in the world. Leave a comment below and let everyone know what intersections to avoid. It's actually a public service to drivers everywhere.

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