Gas prices are up 5 cents from last week's average of $1.936, and also up 27.6 cents from last month's average of $1.719 according to 

Will the upswing in gas prices continue? The answer is yes and no, according to industry analysts. Yes, because, as the summer vacation season approaches, predicts the national average per gallon will peak at $2.63/gallon in May.

Because of the incredibly low price of oil, and a global oil glut, the price of gas will gradually decrease as summer blends into fall. There are a ton more reasons why gas prices are so low, but between you and I, they're way too boring. So, let's talk gas stats.

The Top Five lowest gas prices in Danbury are:

1. Noble (Padanaram Rd) - $1.88

2. Wheels (Tamarack Ave) - $1.89

3. Gulf (North St) - $1.89

4. Citgo (North St.) - $1.89

5. United Fuel (White St) - $1.89

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The average price per gallon in Connecticut is $1.985. The state with the lowest average gas price is New Jersey at $1.726/gallon. The state with the most expensive gas is California at $2.684.

While we're on the subject of fossil fuels, let's check heating oil prices according to the website In Connecticut, the average cost for fuel oil is $2.237, and in New York it's $2.256. The state with the most attractive heating oil price is Nebraska at $1.674, and the state with the highest heating oil price is the District of Columbia at $2.752. I'll leave you with a video about what NOT to do at the gas pumps.