Over the last few weeks, we've seen the power and fury of Mother Nature with both Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Irma, and the problems they caused down south. Now we have Jose spinning out in the Atlantic, but this one's headed in our direction.

Flooding, hurricane force winds, heavy rain, storm surge, all the ingredients that come with a major hurricane this time of year. Hey just ask the people in Florida and Texas about these storms, they have gotten hit very hard.

So should we be concerned about the next Hurricane, Jose, which looks like it will get a little too close to us for comfort.

ct weather center image

I spoke to our Kicks 105.5 meteorologist Bill Jacquemin about the impact Jose will have in our area.

Jose is moving north, but should turn northwest then loop out in the Atlantic. The closest the storm should get to us will be Tuesday night into Wednesday. It is a slow moving system, which is a good thing because then it sits out in the cooler waters for a longer period of time and weakens. Hurricanes need the warm waters to continue to give them energy.

So what can people who live in Greater Danbury, and Western New York expect from this system?

For us, we'll see some rain and breezy conditions, but it's not going to be anything like the storm we saw barrel through Florida, or the storm that stalled over Texas. Winds around here would only be around 30-35 mph tops. With winds out of the east, and northeast, coastal area's will be affected the most. There may also be some coastal flooding as high tide in the Long Island Sound will happen at the same time as Jose makes it's closest approach.

So it looks like we've kinda dodged a bullet with Jose, but don't think we're out of the woods yet. There's still at least another month of Hurricane Season left, and the next Hurricane, Maria, is gaining strength, and could impact some part of the East coast within the next week or so, just stay tuned.