If you are anything like me, you are lucky enough to be surrounded by your loved ones during Christmas. If you are anything like me, you eventually need a break from your loved ones over Christmas. There are only so many natural excuses to get out of the house, though.

You could do like I do, and anytime someone says they need something at the store, you can offer to get it. The problem with that is picking up a bottle of vanilla extract only buys you about twenty minutes out of the house. I also like to find something wrong with the decorations outside, and adjust them. I will sometimes go to the pantry for an ingredient and pretend to look for something. I then close the pantry door behind me, and lie down for a good thirty minutes. I have, from time to time, worn noise cancelling headphones under my snow hat. Eventually though, you just run out of reasons to get away.

What do you all do to get away from the screaming army of family in your home? I need some fresh material to try out this year. It's not even Christmas Eve, and I am already reaching for those headphones.