Good Morning America and Yahoo News are reporting a multi-state recall on Wonderful Pistachios. The CDC is advising customers not to eat Pistachios made by the Wonderful Pistachio company due to a salmonella outbreak.

There have been 11 reported cases of salmonella due to cosumption of the Wonderful Pistachios. Not so wonderful now. Cases have been reported in Washington, Arizona, Alaska, Connecticut, North Dakota, Michigan, Virginia, Alabama and Georgia. No deaths have been reported. Wonderful Pistachios are sold nation wide and in Canada.

The effected pistachios can be identified by their bar code number found at the bottom of the bag. You can find all the bar code numbers effected at

Wonderful Pistachios are known for their celebrity endorsements and popular commercials. A spokesperson for the company released a statement saying "This investigation is ongoing, and we will update the public when more information becomes available."