What was your least favorite candy that was tossed into your trick or treat bag when you were a kid?

There are two different categories in the "worst Halloween candy" conversation. The first being the unhealthiest candy of them all and number two, the candy the kids personally love or hate with no regards to health whatsoever.

I checked out a couple of websites that listed the Top 10 Worst Halloween Candy. Thrillist.com listed Neco Wafers and Apples with Razor Blades as their top two. Candystore.com. listed their two most disgusting candies as being Circus Peanuts and Candy Corn.

Candy Corn from Amazon.com - Credit - Seller Fast Fresh Nuts

Here is my personal list of some of the worst Halloween candy that was tossed into my tricks or treat bag when I was a kid back in the Paleolithic Age.

1. Necco Wafers - I can't believe they still manufacture this abhorrent excuse for candy. The company describes it as "sweet and simple and worth savoring.' Necco Wafers pure and simple tastes like feet. End of story.

2. Little Bags of Microwaved Popcorn - REALLY?! Stop it! Turn off the front porch light and shut and lock the front door. Not one kid wants a bag of popcorn in their trick or treats bag. SUGAR is what Halloween is all about. Yes, it's bad for you but it tastes so damn good!

3. Candy Apples - I know you meant well while dropping a candy apple in my bag which was so freakin' heavy it tore out the bottom, not to mention when I tried to bite into it, out came two fillings.

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4. Candy Bar Miniatures - Man up and buy the real thing! Unless you're dropping 4 or 5 miniatures into my Halloween sack, don't even make eye contact. I'll just shake my head and be on my way.

Amazon.com Photo Courtesy of Seller - Custom Varieta

5. Circus Peanuts - Have you ever tasted one of these things before? They are a peanut shaped marshmallow candy that dates back to the 19th century. They also taste like the 19th century with an artificial banana-like flavor. Circus Peanut candy should be outlawed.

Marshmellow Circus Peanuts - Amazon.com Courtesy of Seller - A Great Surprise

6. Wax Coke Bottles -  Officially these things are called Nik-L-Nips. You chew off the top and drink the flavored sugary syrup inside and then eat the wax. Why in a thousand years would you manufacture a candy where you're able to eat wax?! Even though the wax bottles are food grade and non-toxic, they are not meant to be eaten.

Waxed Coke Bottle Candy - Credit, Amazon.com and Seller - A Great Surprise

Here's what you do, go back to the store and buy candy that kids really love like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Milky Way, Kit-Kat Bars, and Twix Bars. Do as I've suggested and you'll be eating leftover Halloween candy for months to come! Happy Halloween!

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