It’s tag sale season and this weekend we had a tag sale with our next door neighbors. After dealing with having a tag sale, I have come up with some tag sale etiquette rules I believe everyone should follow.

Don’t be Rude

For the most part, everyone who came to our tag sale was very nice. However, there was one woman who looked at a table our neighbor was selling and told her, in an extremely rude tone, that it was not worth $15 and she continued to be rude the entire time she was there. There’s no need for that. You’re at a neighborhood tag sale, there’s no reason to be so rude. With someone like that, I would much rather use the wood from the table as firewood than take a penny off the price. That’s just me though.

Watch Your Kids

We had a few parents come with their kids and just let them run around. I’m okay with them running around the yard, but when they start going on our front porch I have a problem. Our front porch was used to put totes we had emptied for the tag sale and had other materials we used to set up the sale. I ended up putting a gate in front of the porch to keep them off the porch. I don’t understand why parents would think that was okay.

Don’t Show up Super Early

I know people will show up a half hour early or so to try and get some good deals, but this weekend we had someone show up an hour and a half early. An hour and a half! When the signs say 9 a.m. you shouldn’t show up at 7:30 a.m. That is just too early.

So those are some etiquette rules that I think people should be aware of when they go to tag sales.

Do you think there should be certain tag sale etiquette?

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