Brush, Rinse, Floss. That's usually the order most people do things. Now, there's research that says we're doing it all wrong.

There's a dentist in England who has determined that when it comes to our dental hygiene, we are not only doing it wrong, but we're doing it in REVERSE.

According to, Dr. Matthew Lloyd says you should floss first to get food particles loose, then rinse with mouthwash, then, finally, brush your teeth.

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The object is to remove plaque and food debris with floss, then rinse the bacteria away with mouth wash. Finally, finish your oral care by brushing your teeth. Brushing last allows the toothpaste to coat your teeth and gums, giving the enamel better protection rather than rinsing it right off.

I realize this is highly controversial thinking, but it does make some sense. However there are those who still think rather conventionally.

So, whatever way you decide to treat your teeth, and whatever order you use, I'm sure you'll be a lot better off then the 3 out of 10 Americans who practice very little dental hygiene.


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